Extensive details regarding the trading system in Revelation Online providing information on the system for new players. This is in effort to help newcomers grasp the methods of earning in-game currency and how to spend it effectively.

Over the several types of in-game currency each serves its on purpose with its own features. Gyth Notes for example are common and earned early on in the game from quests dungeons and taking part in certain events. This form of currency isn’t transferable and can be used to buy items from the in-game shop and from NPCs.

The Aurum currency can be purchased for real money RO Imperial Coins to be used in both the store and at the autumn. he currency is player-bound and cannot be transferred.This form of tender can be exchanged for Gythil at the in-game rate with bonus Aurum awarded in addition to purchases of regular Aurum at the store. Promo Aurum is another addition which can be earned during limited time promotions to purchased certain tabbed items. T

Gythil meanwhile is used for in-game auctions and at stalls.Should you run out of Gyth notes you will be prompted to pay the difference in Gythil. This currency can also be earned via quests and dungeons yet is considered more valuable than Gyth notes. Gythil can be used to sell items to other players and to be contributed to the Guild Treasury with a maximum daily contribution limit of 10,000 Gythil.

Another bound in-game currency is the rare Ausgyth Points. These can be acquired as you upgrade your standing with the Order of the Guardians Revelation Online Aurums. This is done by participating in a variety of challenging events or opening store chests. This currency can be used to purchase valuable items from NPCs such as spheres for upgrading skills sharpening items and more.

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